Reality vs. Pinterest During Covid-19 Parenting and Work

This is is not a look at how much fun we're having bonding as a family and making the best of this challenging time post.

This time hasn't been easy.

Initially, I was optimistic about what this time would mean for our family—time to re-program and proudly do our part to help our world flattening the curve.

However, the reality is that this period of social distancing and having the kids home from school has been overwhelming to process.

Juggling the demands of work and the household as parents is hard enough as it is, but with the kids being home with full workloads, halted my norm, and the pressure hit me.

We had just come back from Florida, and it was time to brace the grocery stores and commence our preparation.

The first day was chaotic as we tried to figure out how to get all of our work done, join calls, login into digital learning, cook meals, clean and not feel like we're in a factory working until the lights go off.

To make matters worse, my little one fell while playing outside and hurt his leg to the point where he couldn't put weight on it, and the thought of going to the hospital scared me

Optimism can be overwhelming, as well, if we fight our reality, and I was fighting it unconsciously.

Somehow I thought I could easily transition from our everyday life to guiding my kids through 6th-grade algebra, then kindergarten phonetic spelling, business launch initiatives, meal planning, and household chores without missing a beat.

At the end of the day, it's not far from what we do daily, right?

What I didn't anticipate is the demands of homeschooling. It's a different ballgame, and I haven't played it full time before.

On top of it all, I wanted to create a bright experience for my family during this isolation, but I was going to have to find the light at the end of the tunnel first.

The Turning Point

On day two, my kids and I vented to one another about our new challenges and schedule.

They felt overwhelmed with the load of work they had and the pressure to perform outside of their typical environment.

I knew it was unrealistic for them to think they could do it all (the irony), and I knew they were overwhelmed, and it was time to help them step away so that we could come back energized to tackle our work.

We accepted our frustrations and stepped away for two hours and cuddled in bed with a family comedy.

Through their giggles, I started to see the light and understand the reality of just how our business would not be as usual, even for our family.

It took a dose of accepting our reality without judgment, being okay with getting less done, and overcoming the guilt of not being able to do more to help our community.

It was time to adapt because there is a significant battle to fight, and that's the recovery of the health of our world.

I felt grateful for our health and ability to step away because I know people are struggling to fight for their lives right now, and my heart is with them.

We will do our part to help through our confinement and taking care of our work to make a difference in the coming weeks.

Before I can lead my family's new reality, I had to lead mine.

It's day six, and we just started to find our flow.

We're back to the basics and evolving from here, as a family- doing our part with imperfection, humor, and wine.

Week one is in the books- here we come week two.

The illusion of our time together through Covid-19 captured in one picture.


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