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The Hidden Opportunity to Engage Your Self Awareness with Challenges

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Ask yourself some uncomfortable questions to guide your actions.

Challenges are opportunities to revise and execute on your leadership strategies and tools.

However, because we are humans and not robots we don't always naturally respond to them with this perspective.

*Sigh of relief, you're not alone!

When faced with a challenge, we tend to feel threatened as we sense the risk of failure, the fear of a lost opportunity, or the feeling of inadequacy.

Here's a Simple Strategy to Shift Your Perspective

We can find ourselves asking- why does this happen?

Why didn't I handle it better?

Why me?

What if we switched the why questions to what questions?

  • What new information did I learn about this experience that can guide my next steps?

  • What was important to me about this challenge?

  • What opportunity does this provide me to refine the leadership skills required to solve this challenge?

  • What are my options now?

  • What needs to be done, and how will I start?

Life WILL guarantee us challenges and they're not always easy, but if we shift our perspective they can be worthwhile.

What if we got excited when facing a challenge because we understood the challenge as an opportunity to utilize and refine our tools and strategies?

Avoiding them, ignoring them, fearing them is a strategy in itself. An ineffective strategy that keeps us in a vicious cycle of comfort.

Here's the reality, leaders face challenges every day, but they continuously seek new and innovative ways to fill their toolbox to be prepared for challenges.

How's your toolbox?


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