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How Can You Turn Failures into Opportunities

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Warning this may be uncomfortable to read as we don't include filler to motivate you. We're giving you a dose of tough love, cold truths and perhaps some inspiration.

fail·ure- lack of success.


suc·cess- the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. /səkˈses/

Failure = Data
Data = engagement of your leadership
Engaged Leadership = Using your leadership strategies and tools.
Don't miss these big opportunties to engage and evolve your leadership and self awareness because your ego got in the way.

Every failure you experience is a reminder that you are playing big in the world. As Brenee Brown said, it's stepping into the arena. The arena isn't what we see on social media. It's not glamours, music isn't playing in the background, and no filter can decrease your heart throbbing as you prepare to take a risk that may fail. It's uncomfortable, awkward, and it doesn't always produce the immediate results we anticipated. It's not easy, but if aligned well, it can be worthwhile.

Ready for some #perspective?

Here's a hard truth.

You aren't scared of failure.

Here's what stopping you...

You're scared of what will be left after the action doesn't produce the result you anticipated.

Your scared of how you may be perceived if you don't measure up to the outcome of the result. You're scared of not knowing what to do or say after "it" fails. You're scared that it may confirm the limiting beliefs you've had in the back of your mind. The one that says you're not good enough or you should have known better.

Or the one that says you don't deserve the success of the results you were aiming to achieve.

Even worse, the thought that says don't even bother to try something new because where you are in your comfort zone feels familiar and familiar protects you from all of the above.

So let's live a life of familiar, shall we?

Bound by the protection of the #ego. The ego that wants to be seen a certain way or simply wants to feel a certain way and anything we can do to control that constant state of protection. Living life on the terms of what we think others will think us or how we don't want to feel or think of ourselves.

At the end of the day, If any of these things sound familiar to you, you're like most people. Experiencing this range of emotions is normal; however, letting them dictate your growth is not.

Limiting your success to one failure or 1000 failures restricts your growth potential and inhibits the engagement of your leadership strategies and tools.

You're not scared of failing, you're scared of not knowing what to do after.
If this is the case for you, here is a solution. As a leader, equip yourself with the strategies and tools required to navigate the complexities of success.

Do you think #Fortune100 #executives who experience a failure shut down immediately?

No, they go out and find the tools and #strategies or refine the use of the ones they already have, but here is the kicker they know as leaders; their success depends on the strategies and tools.

Go get you some data and fill up your toolbox to lead your #challenges!

#Leadership is a #courgeous path for those who choose to engage it #conciously towards the success of their bigger picture in life.


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