Our powerhouse keynotes will have you crying and laughing as we take you on the organic, imperfect, and courageous journey of leading beyond the title.

Leadership Beyond the Title

Cha’Lea’s journey is masterful, authentic, and bold! She is the definition of a leader creating an impact in the lives of those all around her. Thank you for making our event a success! 

- Michelle Sinclair

Leadership Beyond the Title 

Evolve Your Leadership Strategy 

Our career is more than just a means to an end. It's the perfect playground to test, refine, and evolve your leadership abilities.


We're going beyond the surface level talk to engage the depth and core of our leadership! 

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • What is your leadership strategy? 

Once Upon a Time a Time, A Leader Born

What Leadership Strategies and Tools Taught me About Motherhood

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Dear Young Leader

You're Tall Enough for This Ride 

Future leaders require fuel to cast their vision into the world and live with courage while embracing the awkward, hilarious and vulnerable parts of the experiential journey.  

Customized Talks for:

Women Organizations 


Sales meetings

Leadership conferences

Youth organizations 

schools and universities

Cha'Lea customizes every presentation taking into account the audience and the client's objectives. 


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Street Leadership + Meets Book Leadership =  Impact

We're On a Mission to Engage the Leadership of Workforces Around the Nation to Empower Them to Connect Their World to Their Work